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All Microsoft Business Solutions Certification Exams

Microsoft Business Solutions Exam Name
MB2-184 Microsoft CRM Installation and Configuration V.1.2
MB2-185 Microsoft CRM Customization v.1.2
MB2-186 Microsoft CRM Applications Professional v.1.1
MB2-228 Microsoft CRM Extending MS CRM 1.2 with .NET
MB2-298 Extending Microsoft CRM 3.0
MB2-421 CRM 3.0 Installation and Configuration
MB2-422 CRM 3.0 Customization
MB2-423 CRM 3.0 Applications
MB2-498 Extending Microsoft CRM 3.0
MB2-631 CRM 4.0 Customization and Configuration
MB2-632 Applications in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0
MB2-633 CRM 4.0 Installation and Deployment
MB2-634 CRM 4.0 Extending Microsft Dynamics
MB3-003 Great Plains Project Series v.7.0
MB3-006 Great Plains Report Writer v.7.0
MB3-010 Great Plains Inventory and Order Processing v.7.0
MB3-127 Great Plains Financials v.7.0
MB3-180 Great Plains Installation and Configuration v.7
MB3-207 Great Plains 8.0 Project Managment and Accounting
MB3-208 Great Plains 8.0 Modifier with VBA
MB3-209 Great Plains 8.0 Inventory and Order Processing
MB3-210 Great Plains 8.0 Report Writer
MB3-214 Great Plains 8.0 Installation and configuration
MB3-215 Great Plains 8.0 Integration Manager
MB3-216 Great Plains 8.0 Financials
MB3-230 Great Plains 8.0 Human Resources Payroll(U.S)
MB3-234 Great Plains 8.0 Manufacturing Applications
MB3-408 GP 9.0 Inventory and Order Processing
MB3-409 GP 9.0 Financials
MB3-412 GP 9.0 Installation and Configuration
MB3-413 GP 9.0 Project Series
MB3-430 GP 9.0 Manufacturing Applications
MB3-451 GP 9.0 Report Writer
MB3-461 GP 9.0 Modifier with VBA
MB3-462 GP 9.0 Integration Manager VBA
MB3-465 GP 9.0 Field Service Implementation
MB4-001 Solomon Field Service v.5.0
MB4-004 Solomon Installation and Configuration v.5.5
MB4-117 Solomon Tools for Visual Basic v.5.0
MB4-161 Solomon Professional Services Application v.5.0
MB4-174 Solomon Financials v.5.5
MB4-175 Solomon Inventory and Order Processing v.5.5
MB4-211 Solomon 6.0 Customization Manager
MB4-212 Solomon 6.0 Installation and Configuration
MB4-213 Solomon 6.0 Tools For Visual Basic
MB4-217 Solomon 6.0 Financials
MB4-218 Solomon 6.0 Project Management and Accounting
MB4-219 Solomon 6.0 Inventory and Order processing
MB4-348 SL 6.5 Financials
MB4-349 Sl 6.5 Installation and Configuration
MB5-181 Small Business Manager Financials v.7.5
MB5-198 Retail Management system Headquarters
MB5-199 Retail Management system Store Operations
MB5-229 Smaill Business Financials 8.0
MB5-292 Microsoft Point of Sale 1.0
MB5-294 FRx Report Design
MB5-504 AX 4.0 Project Series
MB5-537 Retail Management System 2.0 Store Operations
MB5-538 Retail Management System 2.0 Headquarters
MB5-554 Small Business Financials 9.0
MB5-625 C5 4.0 Project
MB5-626 C5 4.0 Programming
MB5-627 C5 4.0 System Consultant
MB5-628 C5 4.0 Lsn
MB5-629 Microsoft Forecaster 7.0
MB5-645 C5 4.0 System Consultant
MB5-646 C5 4.0 Lsn
MB5-648 Microsoft Forecaster 7.0
MB5-858 Managing Microsoft Dynamics Implementations
MB6-202 Axapta 3.0 Programming
MB6-203 Axapta 3.0 Financials
MB6-204 Axapta 3.0 Trade an Logistics
MB6-205 Axapta 3.0 Production
MB6-206 Axapta 3.0 Installation and Configuration
MB6-282 Axapta 3.0 Human Resources Managment
MB6-283 Axapta 3.0 Questionnaire
MB6-284 Axapta 3.0 Projects
MB6-285 Axapta 3.0 Sales and Marketing
MB6-288 Axapta 3.0 Product Builder
MB6-291 Axapta 3.0 Shop Floor Control
MB6-295 Axapta 3.0 Enterprise Portal Development
MB6-502 AX 4.0 Product Builder
MB6-503 AX 4.0 Product Builder
MB6-504 AX 4.0 Project Series
MB6-506 AX 4.0 Questionnaire
MB6-507 AX 4.0 Financials
MB6-508 AX 4.0 Development Introduction
MB6-509 AX 4.0 Trade and Logistics
MB6-510 AX 4.0 Human Resource Management
MB6-511 AX 4.0 Production
MB6-512 AX 4.0 Enterprise Portal Development
MB6-513 AX 4.0 MorphX Solution Development
MB6-527 GP 10.0 Installation and Configuration
MB6-827 AX 2009 Payroll
MB7-221 Navision 4.0 C/SIDE Introduction
MB7-222 Navision 4.0 C/SIDE Solution Development
MB7-223 Navision 4.0 Warehouse Management
MB7-224 Navision 4.0 Manufacturing
MB7-225 Navision 4.0 Financials
MB7-226 Navision 4.0 Installation and Configuration